Our Products
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Our Products

What we're good at
Some of our products

We can help you decide whether you want a manual or motorised system, a minimal or feature hardware system.

We predominantly make curtains using ‘S’ fold, which is a contemporary folding technique. We are not limited to the S – we can craft traditional styles too if you wish.

Some of our produtcs

Vertical Vs. Horizontal

Vertical and horizontal blinds both provide great options for controlling the amount of light that enters a room.

Among their primary advantages is the fact that they can be closed completely, essentially proving a blackout level of light control.

Some of our products

They work brilliantly as room dividers and can be incorporated as a true statement piece in your interior due to the limitless fabric options.

Panel glide systems offer an alternative to traditional window treatments. Offering a truly versatile approach panels can be configured in a variety of ways.

Some of our products

The advanced technology we employ ensures our pleated blinds always drop straight from top to bottom to provide perfectly crisp clean lines.

They are slimmer than other style options and they’re brilliant for privacy and light control.

Some of our products

For a streamlined look and feel, we also offer a double Roman system which features one head rail and a single chain – the ultimate in Roman blind technology and sophistication.

Romans look best in good quality fabrics and especially impress in unusual textures like our unique fabrics. Romans can add softness and help create an illusion height, without blocking the view above the eye-line.

Some of our products

Our roller blind systems are world leading in operation and durability. Systems include one-touch decelerators with or without chains, anti-rust metal chain operation and top-of-the range luxury motorisation.

The double roller blind with a single chain, for a more streamlined appearance. Unlike our competitors we avoid using industry standard fabrics and materials – preferring to import and manufacture unique designs and systems that are modern, elegant and timeless.

Some of our products

With an abundance of designs and textures here at us, you can choose the perfect style to complement your interior.

Vertical Blinds offer an elegant, simple and stylish solution for larger windows. The ease of operation allows you to control the amount of light that shines into your room and increases the privacy of any space.

How To Measure Like Pro


Measuring for window treatments is much easier than most people think. Just follow these tips:


• Use a steel measuring tape.

• Measure to the nearest eighth of an inch – don’t round your measurements.

• On your notes, clearly indicate which measurement is the width and which is the height.


It is very common to transpose measurements. We will custom make your blinds to the sizes you write on the order. If these sizes are incorrect it is impossible to change the blind, so take your time and double check your measurements. If you have any questions when measuring please call us at 0818742574 or email us at infokevin@hotmail.com.

Choose Inside or Outside Mount


Before taking any measurements, step back from your window and decide if you want to mount the window treatment inside the window recess or outside on the wall or molding. For an inside mount, the window opening must have enough unobstructed depth to allow mounting.


Tip: For a flush inside mount (the blind completely recessed so that no part of the blind projects out of the opening) check that you have enough depth.


Tip: We usually recommend an inside mount when possible because it provides a cleaner look. However, an outside mount can make a window appear larger or hide an unattractive window.


When you specify inside mount, we will make a size deduction to allow for operating clearance. We will deduct up to 1/8″ from each side (on vertical blinds there is also a height deduction of 1/4″.)


The deductions are made so that the blind will not rub or scratch your window frame. If you specify an outside mount, we will not take any size deductions. Your blind will be made at the exact size you specify. So, you must add to the opening measurement to allow for overlap and mounting brackets. When measuring, don’t be surprised it you windows aren’t square. Many aren’t. If they’re a little out of square, it probably won’t be noticeable.


Tip: If your window is out of square, consider an outside mounting to hide the window.

Horizontal Blinds


Inside Mount (IB):

Measure the opening width at the top, center and bottom recording the narrowest width. Measure the height left, right and the center, recording the longest height. We will take width deductions to allow for operating clearance.


Outside Mount (OB):

Measure the opening width. If there is room add at least 3″ to each side of the window opening for a minimum light gap and maximum privacy. Measure the opening height. Add a minimum of 2″ in height to allow for mounting brackets above the opening and add your desired overlap fro the bottom.

Vertical Blinds


Inside Mount (IB):

Measure the width top, center and bottom, recording the narrowest width. Measure the height left, right and center recording the shortest height. We will take size deductions to allow for operating clearance.


Outside Mount (OB):

Measure the opening width. If there is room, add at least 4″ on each side of the window opening to ensure minimum light gap. Measure the opening height. Add a minimum of 2-1/2″ in height to allow for mounting brackets above the opening and add your desired overlap for the bottom.